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Release your Pledged Gold

Today it has become a common practice to pledge gold in case of emergency cash with limited documentation. But most of the customers fail to pay huge interest amounts and lose their gold. So you will not be either able to release your gold or even think about selling it.
Visit Benaka Gold Company. We help you release your pledged gold from pawnbrokers, banks, or any other financial services. You can now easily convert your pledged gold to cash. We release your gold and pay you the difference amount for the current market price. With our quick and smart solutions.

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How to release pledged Gold

If you want to release your pledged gold from pawnbrokers, banks, or any financial services?

  • You can give us a call on 6366111999 and our customer care executive will answer all your queries and guide you with the right steps (or)
  • You can visit our nearest branch to release your pledged gold
  • You need to bring your pledged bill
  • Your need to carry your Aadhar card/ PAN card/ Voter ID
  • Original address proof
  • Passport size photo
How to release pledged Gold

Step by Step Procedure

Pledged Gold Release

How does it work?

  • Firstly our employee will collect the pledged gold details from the customer
  • Your gold value is confirmed after the paying the amount for releasing the gold from the financial institute
  • If the customer is satisfied then our employee will visit the location to release the gold
  • Then we will pay the required amount to release the pledged gold
  • Once the pledged gold is released we will check the weight and purity of the gold
  • Then Benaka Gold Company will pay you the balance amount as per the gold industry standards

*T&C apply